Ladder Exchange 2012
1 September -  30 November 2012


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About the Ladder Exchange

10,000 Ladders and Rising !!!

With immediate effect, the Ladder Association has assumed responsibility for delivering the annual Ladder Exchange. Since its launch, the initiative has been responsible for removing over 10,000 broken, bent or damaged ladders from the workplace with the message 'Don't let a dodgy ladder shatter your life'. Now in its sixth consecutive year, the Ladder Exchange, which begins on 1 September and runs until 30 November 2012, provides all businesses with the opportunity to exchange broken, bent or damaged ladders for safe, new ones at a discounted price.

Actively supported by the Ladder Association and its members who, throughout, have made a firm commitment to work in partnership with HSE and the access industry, the Exchange has also contributed to raising awareness and understanding of how to use ladders and stepladders safely. Under the scheme, suspect ladders can be exchanged, at a discount, at participating partners. 

The Ladder Exchange is a great example of how everyone in the health and safety system can share responsibility and work together towards a common goal; namely, reducing falls from height. 

Comments Cameron Clow, chairman of the Ladder Association: 

“The Ladder Association is the natural and logical new home for this landmark initiative, which, at launch, created a benchmark in collaboration between the industry trade body, ladder manufacturers and suppliers, and the regulatory body. As an organisation committed to advancing knowledge, skills and safety, we are proud and delighted to have the opportunity of taking over and developing this initiative.” 

Paul Cook for HSE says: 

"It is widely recognised that trade associations such as the Ladder Association are well placed to promote safety in their industries, given their long established cross-sector membership and contacts. We look forward to the Ladder Association making a real success of the Ladder Exchange as it develops in future years, helping to reduce serious risks that can cost people their livelihoods and their lives.” 






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